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We Have Arrived

We boarded our flight a bit delayed due to heavy air traffic. Nothing major.

We were so eager to board the plane, only to realize our long American legs were about to be crushed for 4 hours. Booo!!! We learned a valuable lesson with deciding to fly Cebu Pacific Airways.


Yikes, Poor Mr. B’s legs.

To keep our minds off our legs we kept occupied by browsing though an interesting unique in flight food selection available for purchase.



Okay, serious question, would you try the spamusubi??

The Philippines is located almost directly south of South Korea. The difference is 1 hour, Korea is ahead by 1 hr.

Getting off the plane we quickly thew off our winter coats because we left Korea’s bone chilling 26 degree weather to a warm balmy 85 tropical weather.

We arrived at the airport in Cebu, first impression was that it was fairly small, however we were really tired from working all day, driving, and flying, all and all not totally coherent.

We exchanged our money inside the airport.

We were greeted by our driver that collected our luggage and we off to the resort.


Driving to the resort was a bit intimidating, it was the early am hours so it was still dark outside. We really didn’t know where we were going as this was our first time. This entire trip was a total first for Mrs. B and she was about to be fully emerged in this sort of environment.

We instantly saw a lot of teenagers and young kids out walking around so incredibly early in the morning. We talked and speculated what it may be.

We arrived at the Mövenpick Resort and Spa and were instantly greeted by hotel staff that collected our luggage and provided us with freshly squeezed mango juice, Mrs. B was in heaven! Later into the vacation we realized that she might even turn into a mango herself with all the fresh fruit she consumed. 🙂


Check in was painless and very quick. We headed directly up to our room, located on 18th floor, incredibly nice! The room had Comfortable linen, pillows, bed, a little safe for your valuables, a glass shower area, large deep bathtub, and Crabtree and Evelyn bath products. We were delighted to have an outstanding view from the walkout balcony of both coasts of the island beach area.

Eventually after all of the excitement of checking into our room we retired to bed at 4 am. We ended up waking up at 8 am to get a jump start on the day. We grabbed breakfast in resort restaurant Vanilla Beach Cafe. Gah! This Cafe was perfect for the freshly arrived, tired travelers. There was something for everyone! Everything from eggs made to order to Korean foods to local fresh fruits, yogurts, cereal, freshly made waffles, pancakes, you name it and they had it.

We decided after breakfast to walked over to the Shangra La Resort to check out area for future reference. We Looked at little shops and checked out the local area around our resort.

Once we got back it was time for lunch. We ate at the resort and it was just as delicious and plentiful as the breakfast that was offered.

After lunch we had booked a snorkeling trip. We were lucky enough to have a private boat take us out away from the resort about 30 minutes away to a smaller island where we docked out in the ocean and went snorkeling. The tropical fish were just beautiful! Mrs. B had never been snorkeling, she was a bit hesitant at first, after getting in she loved it and could have swam until her lips were blue. The water was so clear and the fish were so colorful!

On the way back to the resort we were able to see the sunset behind us. It was just breathtaking.

Once we got back to the resort we grabbed drinks and dinner. Cheers to an awesome first vacation day and here’s to many more ahead.