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Things Worth Sharing

Random bookmarks from the past weeks:

Great news Mr. B! “7 Reasons You Might Want to Go for Another Cup of Coffee

Test your knowledge…your results might scare you. Let’s be honest with one another, how did you match up? I’m not going to lie, the photos of various individuals, necessary really!?

70% of all lemon wedges have microbial growth according to a new study….WOW! Folks, where is the shock factor in this study? Water. (Says the girl quietly ordering future drink by saying, “Hold the lemon please.”)

Can’t wait to debut our recent grownup purchase soon! Hints it belongs in the kitchen. Lordy, you know you’ve crossed over to adulthood when your over the moon about something for your kitchen.

So, any good bookmarks to share lately? Come on…I know you’ve been liking and reading them on Facebook lately. Share!