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Scuba And Relaxation

Today Mr. B had booked various scuba dives from the resort. This meant that Mrs. B had almost the entire day to herself. MWAH HA HA.. (evil laugh) Just kidding. Today was going to be Mrs. B’s day of beach relaxation. The only straining activity that was planned was lifting tropical umbrella drinks.

While on the beach, Mrs. B was able to Skype with a few family and friends from back home. It was really nice to hear their voices and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Mrs. B frolicked in the warm ocean almost all day. So much so that she ended up getting way to much sun like always.

Mr. B came back between his dives and the Bees were able to enjoy a nice lunch together on the beach at a little grass hut.

Check out this serious salmon caesar salad! Oh and the little grass hut too.



After a fun day in the sun and surf for the both of us, we ate dinner and had some drinks at resort hotel restaurant, Vanilla Beach Cafe. The meal was incredible! While eating dinner we watched three dinner shows. First, was a group of choir singers. Second, was men and women dancers that were dressed in tropical get-up. Third, was a fire-show that had fire dancers. Each show was really entertaining to us.

Tonight we we had the pleasure of meeting George, one of the resort staff. We spoke with George for quite some time throughout the night. We loved that we got to talk about the Philippines with a real local perspective, how refreshing. George was great, he found out that Mr. B really enjoyed the swiss chocolate that comes on the side when you order a cup of coffee. He gave Mr. B a plate full of them and said Merry Christmas.

We cannot express how great the resort staff is here! They do the simplest random acts of kindness for the guest. We always say how it is the little things that go over HUGE in our book. Each night when we are getting ready to climb into bed, we find that the staff has left two sweet treats on our bed pillows.