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Milky Way

Mr. B surprised me and signed me up for the Milky Way lagoon tour. The lagoon is just magnificent in color! The lagoon is surrounded entirely by small rock islands and only has two entrances you can come in and go out through.

The guides dive down a few meters into the ocean and bring up buckets of glacial white claylike mud. Them main attraction is that you smear the white claylike mud all over yourself. When I saw all over I mean they want you to be covered in head to toe, even hair! I was adventurous and smeared the soft mud on my body carefully. I wasn’t sold on putting it into my hair, however others did and were just fine.

The mud is bottled up and sold for $100 US Dollars locally. Crazy! Not to be stereotypical but the Koreans really embraced this experience with open arms. I guess it makes sense coming from the land of BB whitening creams, lotions, potions, etc.

This trip was a blast! Another great part of the tour was meeting a girl named April and a guy named Fonzie. I ended up exchanging blog information with April and we plan to keep in touch. This girls amazingly talented with a camera. I look forward to watching her business continue to grow! Maybe a future visit to South Korea too?

20120608-205700.jpg (Thanks April)