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Seoul-Some Saturday!

Its Saturday! Wowie plans have certainly changed a few dozen times!

Finally, we were able to lock in some plans. Mr. B’s friend was in Korea for work a short time too! We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take him around. Off to Seoul we go.

2012_02_25 Bog Visit Korea

2012_02_25 Bog Visit KoreaFeb 25, 2012Photos: 21

First, we went to Namdaumun market. We walked around and let Bog experience some of the korean marketplace craziness. You know..yelling, getting body checked by teeny tiny ajumas, trying the kings beard candy, eat hoddeok, and check out the tourist goodies.

After walking around a bit we hailed a cab and told the cab driver to take us to Dongdaemun. Once inside he basically laughed and said that we needed to walk because it was only a few blocks away. So we got back out and walked a few blocks down and arrived. More shops and sights to see…and crowds to fight!

By now it was time for dinner. Again, hailed a cab. This time successful! Headed to the Maple Tree House (Danpungnamujip) located right behind the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon.

This was the first time we ate at the Maple Tree House. However, this was not the first time we Bees tried to find this restaurant. Ha Ha! Longgggg story.

After a nice dinner we walked back around the Hamilton Hotel in search of some dessert. We all agreed Paris Baguette. Ahhh!! In other words…heaven! Mr. B’s friend treated us to scrumptious Vanilla lattes and cookie cream puffs.

What a perfect way to end our Saturday night! We eagerly look forward to Mr. B’s visit again to Korea sometime soon!!