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Newly Found

Yes! A new restaurant to add to our will go positively go back to list!

We enjoyed dinner with some great friends and their cute little baby boy. Well, he’s not as little any more. We can’t believe how much he’s grown just in the short amount of time we have known them. Children really put life into perspective, don’t they? Yes, a constant reminder just how fast life goes by.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff. Back to the real focus here! We Bees have walked past this place numerous times on our weekly walks and 7 Gram Cafe drop in. Each time we pass we look in and both say, “We should try this place”. Tonight we did just that!

We totally went into this meal blind. No recommendations, no idea what the menu consisted of. Little did we know we were in for such a treat. This place grills chicken! Yes!!

We asked the waitress what the most popular items were. The three suggestions consisted of the spicy chicken, the bbq chicken, and beef. We opted for the spicy chicken and the beef.

Oh GOODNESS! We cannot express how tasty this chicken was! Like we said… we WILL be going back again very soon! We think next time we will try the BBQ chicken along with the spicy of course. Stay tuned for feedback.

After dinner we went right next door to 7 Gram. Big surprise! ha ha.. No, really, The P’s suggested! We swear!!

We all sipped on drinks chatting. Then…we were introduced to the Humongous honey bread. Folks, this bread just melts in your mouth. Talk about dangerous! It was truly a wonderful way to end the meal. THANKS MR. P! Our bellies thank you, but our waistline hates you!

So, how brave are you when it comes to trying a new place out? Would you have went in and braved it? Or, are you more of a wait and see what everyone else has to say type?

Well, whatever the case, we hope you enjoyed dinner!

Until next time….

Grab the map coordinates here.