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We’ve Got One….

Thats right! After one missed highway exit that caused us to have to pay two highway toll fees, an hour standing at the little rest stop Hi pass office dealing with a sweet ajumma telling us she needed a business number confused by a US social security number, a teenage Korean Hollys coffee Barista translator, major props to our Russian Korean translator, and a very helpful little adashi that walked us through the Hi Pass paperwork and process AND let us drive out the back gate of the Seoul Hi Pass place to avoid toll charges, we Bees FINALLY have a Hi pass!! (breathe)


(Our neat little Korean Hi Pass)


(Now the Korean Navi has some Korean technology company on the dash)


(Seoul Hi Pass building located on Highway 1)


(Woot-woot!! Hi Pass lane!!)

We know what you are thinking. Honestly, why all this excitement about a toll pass? We had one in the states called an ez pass. In Korea they are basically the same. Well, they serve the same purpose. You don’t have to stop and physically had money at each toll booth. The pass allows you to sail right on by charging your pass.

The Korean Hi-Pass comes in different models all telling you one way or another just how much you have left on your pass. The model we purchased is solar powered so it doesn’t need to be charged or have cords dangling from it. It can be pre paid and recharged at any rest stop, or directly linked to your Korean credit card.

Pretty neat!!

We’re excited because now we can use the blue Hi Pass lane and keep on our merry traveling way.