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Tune Up

Let’s face it, vehicle tune ups are typically rather….

how do you say…



and always end up being expensive!

Are you ready for this ?


Not in South Korea!

Yes, we did wake up at 5AM to travel to our car appointment in Suwon for 9AM. Yes, we did arrive an hour early, fearing the morning traffic would be beastly. But, we lucked out! The trip was easy peasy! Plus, they took us wayyy ahead of our 9AM scheduled appointment.

Talk about service!

ooOo they were working us…

Then we saw the lounge…



What’s that? You want to play a round of golf? Sure! Go ahead!


Oh, you forgot your laptop? No problem! Free wifi and computers to take care of you.


Stressed from the commute? Work? Have a kink that needs worked out? Sit down, relax!


Finding yourself parched? Cafe latte, hot chocolate, or plain old Americano? They are endless while you wait


Ahhh….perfect blogging conditions!


You can order your own vehicle parts and the dealer will put them on for you, labor is cheap, andddd they told us they will be updating our software for free!

Sold! Hook line and sinker…I think they’ve got us!