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Shop Local: Avenue Flower

You know me, I’m always out and about in search of a great new find. Tonight I think I’ve found another great little gem to add to my collection. A locally owned flower shop!

I know what you are thinking…another flower shop… what is the big deal? The big deal is that to me finding the perfect little local flower shop is like drinking a tall glass of straight happiness concentrate! There is just something about the feelings I get when going into locally owned flower shops, local farmers’ markets, and even perusing the floral section of grocery stores to see what’s in season. Have you sipped on that same Kool-aid and can relate to the feeling?

The owner is young and super sweet, but don’t let her age fool you into thinking she’s inexperienced. The hand tied flower arrangements are gorgeous and stylish! She’s turning out some modern and hip bouquets, baskets, wreaths, teaching arrangement classes and has a nice following of customers buzzing in and out of her shop too. I cannot even express how refreshing it is to not see just some baby’s breath or basic carnations thrown together for some astronomical price.

Speaking of price, just name it and pick out a few flowers that you’d like to base the arrangement around and she will work her magic.

^ Above is my flower arrangement and below is the sweet purple flower that she threw in for service.


Address: Avenue Flower 410-1 Jinshan Plaza 1F Uijeongbu Minrakdong
Phone: 070-4173-1633
Website: Here

Views in Ilsan, South Korea

Recently I took my very first public trans bus adventure from Uijeongbu Station to Ilsan to spend the day with a good friend of ours. Thankfully the journey was quite uneventful and I made it there with no hiccup (THANK YOU KATYA AND THE SEOUL BUS APP).

Ilsan is a beautiful city located just northwest of Seoul in Goyang city. I visited Ilsan twice prior when I first got to South Korea. Once was to visit the gigantic convention center called the Kintex, and the other time was to go to Costco before one was built much closer to us. Both trips never really awarded the opportunity to get out and see the city and explore a bit.

When I stepped off the bus I immediately took notice of a beautiful lake surrounded by walking paths and park. I lucked out too because Katya was just as eager to get out for a walk around the park as I was. Katya explained to me that the lake park is a very popular spot in the city and is known as the garden city. There were so many people out being active walking, jogging, spending time with their families, biking, skateboarding, snapping photos for blogs and magazines and yet it didn’t feel crowded one bit. It was a feeling you’ll seldom get to experience in Asia.

It was a wonderful fall day spent strolling around the lake park admiring the views, checking out the local Cafés, mall, restaurants and indulging in some frozen yogurt. I highly recommend a day trip to the area if you ever are looking for a new place to explore while in South Korea.

Thank you for hosting me this weekend Katya you are such a dear friend!

Costco in South Korea

Woo-hoo! Yes, Costco is actually in South Korea as well! The address of the Costco that we went to is located at: 1312 Eaekseok-dong, Ilsan dong-gu, goyang city, gyeonggi-do Korea.

Of course there are definitely some differences when it comes down to product and prices. The membership price in the states is $100.00 but here it is only 30,000 won each or 35,000 won for the “gold household” membership. Once again Korea hands down has the better set-up!

Overall we felt like we were back at home taking our normal trip down the road to buy goodies at Costco. The experience was the same with the employees giving out free samples, large carts, huge warehouse feel, bulk sized products, and tons of cars in the parking decks.

We took a few pictures with our mini cam so the picture quality isn’t as nice but you will get the gist from what we have. We also took some video clips and hope to get that put together when we have some time and uploaded to the blog.

We had to laugh because every corner we took Korean’s were looking to see what the two American’s were purchasing. On the other hand, we were looking to see what all the Korean’s bought when going to Costco as well. Surprisingly it was candies like Hershey’s chocolates, frozen food items, skin care items, clothing, etc.

We bought some items we were used to from back home but mostly things that we have come to love from Korea. Our bill totaled 190,000 Won. We really did not buy much as you can see from our cart picture and they didn’t take our US Costco membership American Express Card. We found out that they will only take the Samsung Credit Card. So if you are planning a trip within Korea make sure that you have plenty of Won for your purchases.

We ended the trip with a tasty supreme pizza exactly like the ones that Costco serves back in the states. Yum-O!