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Café Grace

One of my favorite things as of late, has been arriving early on the train in Seoul and grabbing something warm to sip on before heading into Sunday morning worship.

Café Grace…



Off the beaten path… (Just my style!)

If you are ever in the Seoul Cathedral neighborhood, stop in and treat yourself to a yummy drink!







Seoul Cathederal

This morning I awoke and decided to take the train down to Seoul Cathedral. When Rebecca was visiting we talked a lot about church, God, life, and the family that you build within a church.

Rebecca wanted to attend an English service at the Seoul Cathedral while visiting, however time slipped away from us.

I decided that today was a perfect day as any to attend service. Plus, I wanted to share with her and others how the Cathedral and service was.

Seoul Cathedral is located beside Deoksu Palace and across from Seoul City Hall. You can take Subway Line 1 and get out at Exit 3. I was absolutely delighted on how easy it was to find the Cathedral after exiting the subway.

Please excuse the iPhone photo quality




(Once you reach the top of the exit 3’s stairs you will immediately see this wall, follow until you reach the opening street that turns left, keeping an eye out for the above posted sign too.)


The Anglican worship and Holy Communion is held every Sunday at 9:30 AM (in English) located in the Cathedrals Crypt Chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

Immediately while wondering and being completely astounded by the exterior of outside, I was approached, greeted, and led into where the English service would start.

There was a real sense of pride, geniality, and overall neighborliness. All the impressions and feelings a place of worship should leave you feeling.



The congregation was fabulously welcoming. It was wonderful to see and meet various nationalities present too.



The space was so unique. I was told that Reverend Mark Trollope is buried in the Crypt Chapel and his remains lie under a copperplate engraving of him, as shown above.


Happy Sunday!

Grab the map coordinates here!