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Uijeonbu: Palga

From what my good Korean friend tells me, Palga is a famous family owned and operated Chinese restaurant located in Uijeongbu city, that is well-known for its Koreanized sweet and sour glutinous rice pork, also known locally as Tangsuyuk (Korean: 탕수육, Chinese: 糖醋肉). Mmmm lets talk about the word “glutinous”. It doesn’t sound appetizing but it taste oh so good! If pork isn’t your thing you can swap the meat out for beef, or even shrimp.

I know if family is reading this post, they are a bit shocked I’m even writing about a Chinese restaurant. Why? When living stateside, every single time we’d order Chinese, or go to a restaurant, I’d get ill and have all sorts of stomach issues. Later it was determined that it was because of MSG. Anywho, if you are like me, you’ll be glad to know that this restaurant passed with flying colors. Thankfully no upset stomach to report back on.

The restaurant sits out on the Main Street and is very easy to recognize with its Chinese style that starts on the outside and continues on into the dining area. When we walked inside, the decor made me feel like we were back in China for the afternoon, possibly visiting a traditional tea shop. The wood furnishings were beautiful and overall the restaurant was very clean. There are 104 items on the menu and each one is also translated into English in case you cannot read Korean. The staff was not overly welcoming, but they were quick and attentive to us. The prices were fair and the portions plenty, so much so we couldn’t eat everything we ordered. I think it was a serious case of our eyes being bigger than our stomach.

So what did our eyes order? Of course a plate of Tangsuyuk, Jajangmyeon (Korean: 자장면, Chinese: 炸醬麵) – steamed noodles served under black bean paste (if you recall we ordered when we were moving into our new place last summer). Jjamppong (Korean: 짬뽕, Chinese name: 炒碼麵) – spicy noodle soup flavoured with onions and chili oil and various seafood and creatures (we eat this often when Mr.B is scuba diving on the east coast). Oh! can’t forget the FREE banchan! You know, the free little side dishes served in Korea that make it feel like Christmas when they are sat on your table. We had pickled radish and toasted peanuts, both dishes equally addicting!

If you are ever in the area and Chinese is striking your fancy that day… stop in and give it a try.


Address: Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-1-dong 201-11
Phone: 031-847-8988
Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Date Night: Chinese Restaurant – Gong-Hwa-Choon

What are your thoughts on Chinese food? (Besides the cute little take out containers and fortune cookies)

I find that you either like it, or you don’t. Up until a few years ago I found myself not really caring for it. Mostly I think because it upset my stomach. There was never any one menu item that pushed me over the edge, it was all of them. I later found out that I might have had a stomach sensitivity to MSG. Mr. B always enjoyed Chinese food and his stomach never seemed to mind it. Wait, wait, wait… let me rephrase that… This entire time I should have been more PC and used the term American-Chinese food. However, we did take a trip to China since living in Asia, we both agreed we liked our Americanized version more so. Snobs right? HA-HA.

Anywho, like America, Korea does Chinese food too, Korean-Chinese. I mostly find that the main dish served in a Korean-Chinese restaurant is jajangmyeon. In Chinese they call it zhajiangmian. Some places serve up a superb dish of jajangmyeon, while others offer a very sad and bland black bean blob onto of noodles. It’s hit or miss.

This week we moved our date night to tonight. YEY! You know what that means…new adventure! We decided to check out a Chinese restaurant that we eyed on a walk in passing a few weeks back. The restaurant is called Gong-Hwa-Choon. The map coordinates are listed below and will open up on a google map if you ever find yourself in the Dongducheon area.

The food was really good and oh goodness, plentiful. We even took leftover homes! The service was excellent! Plus they deliver too! We ordered SET D and shared again, think plentiful.

Menu: (All spelling and  description taken directly from menu)

Noodle A: Jajangmyeon – Noodle with black bean pasta sauce 3,000W

Noodle B: Ganjajang- Noodle with fried black bean paste sauce 5,000W

Noodle C: Jjamppong- Spicy noodle soup with some seafood and vegetables 4,000W

Noodle D: Samseon-Jjamppong- Spicy noodle soup with various seafood and vegetables. More deep flavored soup 8,000W

Noodle E: Woo-Dong- Japanese noodle with tempura and vegetable in soy sauce and dashi soup 5,000W

Noodle F: Seafood Fried Jajang- Noodle with fried black bean paste, various seafood and vegetables 15,000W (2 portion)

Noodle G: Seafood fried jjamppong- Spicy noodle with various seafood and vegetables without soup 15,000W (2 portion)

Rice A: Fried Rice- Fried Rice with fried egg and vegetables with black bean paste sauce 5,000W

Rice B: Shrimp Fried Rice- Fried rice with shrimp, fried egg, and vegetables  7,000W

Rice C: Omelet Rice-Rice covered with egg 6,000W

Rice D: Jajang Rice- White rice with black sauce 5,000W

Rice E: Jjang Ppong Rice- White rice with spicy noodle soup with seafood and vegetables 6,000W

Rice F: Jap-Chae Rice- White rice with cellophane  noodles, sliced vegetables and pork 6,000W

Special A: Fried dumplings- Fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork and vegetables 4,000W

Special B: Steamed Dumplings- Steamed dumpling stuffed with minced pork and vegetables 4,000W

Special C: Sweet & Sour Pork- Fried pork with sweet & sour sauce S-15,000W, M-20,000W, L-25,000W (sharable dish)

Special D: Kanso Shrimp- Fried shrimp with sweet & spicy sauce 30,000W (sharable dish)

Special E: Jap-Chae- Cellophane noodle with sliced vegetables and pork 15,000W (sharable dish)

Special F: Kan Poong Gi- Fried Chicken with sweet and spicy sauce 22,000W (sharable dish)

Set A: Special C, 2 noodle A, special A 15,000W

Set B: Special C, 1 noodle C, 1 noodle A, special A 16,000W

Set C: Special C, noodle F, special A 19,000W

Set D: Special C, noodle G, special A 20,000W

Grab the map coordinates HERE