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Seoul: TWG Tea

I invited some friends to join me on Valentine’s Day for afternoon tea and sampling delectable little delights from TWG- The Wellness Group. This visit to TWG has been a long time coming and FINALLY is getting crossed of my Seoul bucket list. Plus I’d never live it down if I went without my British gal-pal and posted this review.

TWG officially opened its flagship store and terrace in the Seoul district of Cheongdam, South Korea around this time last year in 2014. The two-story TWG Tea Salon and Boutique and outdoor terrace has over 800 varieties of teas from over 45 regions around the world. I felt like I drank all of those teas too as I swam later that afternoon to the subway. HA-HA! Black tea, green tea, white tea, iced-tea, tea-shakes, Christmas tea…you name it.

I have become obsessed with a very light tasting tea, WHITE HOUSE TEA . The tea is described as an ethereal white tea with fruits and fragrant roses, that leaves an enduring aftertaste of ripe berries. A diplomatic and balanced tea of sophistication. It is delightful!

The menu was slightly overwhelming and just unfolded and unfolded across our table, but I’m not complaining. It was rather hard to choose especially when they all have ridiculously sweet little names like Silver Moon, lovers tea, Happy tea, Jade Dragon and Weekend in Casablanca. Hands down I am a newer fan of coffee, but I feel like coffee would never get away with such cutesy little names.

Being a foodie I was instantly intrigued with the food at TWG. I had done some research and found that TWG offers many food items that are tea-infused to include tea-infused ice-creams and sorbet. YUM! Even our little rolls were tea-infused!

^ fresh mushroom butter

We decided to share and ordered Lasagna with bolognaise ragout with their signature homemade tomato and fresh basil sauce infused with Moroccan Mint Tea, and a seared tuna salad. We ended the meal with tea service complete with clotted cream, Geisha Blossom Tea Jelly (This stuff is AMAZING and I tried to purchase but the Seoul district doesn’t sell it. boo.), macaroons, scones and all! Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the food and felt it was worth the price. We all decided we will return again to treat ourselves and of course try another round of teas.

I don’t even think that Alice herself could have had more fun at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Pinkies up!



TWG Tea at Cheongdam, Seoul
82-1 Cheongdam-Dong, 1F, 2F, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul Korea
Tel: + 82 (0)2 518 1837
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 10.30am – 10pm
Menu: Here
Website: Website Here

Click, Ship & treat yourself!