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Buñelos Dagu

Fried yam donuts, or also known as Buñelos Dagu by the Chamoru people of Guam.

We Bee’s had the opportunity to feast on some dagu while enjoying ourselves at a typical Chamoru family celebration with our friends. As I got to watch the mixture drop into the oil, I was told that Dagu is served at Christmas time because the yams are harvested during that season. Lucky for us… we made it just in time!

Talk about island hospitality! This was the very first time we met this group through our friends, we were instantly greeted with kisses on both cheeks, handed adult beverages and pointed in the direction of the mounds of delicious foods. Maybe it was the warm tropical island breeze? Or, maybe It felt a lot like home…Whatever it was, I know we both equally relished the warmth and generosity of this family.

Under the crystal clear moonlight sky we listened and swayed to festive music, were intrigued by the families telling folk tales of taotaomonas and duendes (Google it! interesting island superstitions), watched children run and play as most of their fathers were losing their hands time and time again at Texas Hold’em card game.

Buñelos Dagu recipe here

Let me know what you think! Oh! Don’t forget maple syrup or simple syrup too!

(You’re welcome!)