Spring Wedding

Today was an absolute breathtaking day for a Spring wedding! The sun came out, the temperature was warm in the sun, cool in the shade, the birds were chirping, everything in budding and blooming. Ah… just breathtaking!

We attended Mr. B’s co-worker’s wedding in Seoul earlier this afternoon. Such a beautiful ceremony! It was half in Korean and half in English (how fun is that?). The pastor was outstanding too, some of the best vows and sermon that we have heard yet. Particularly the part that sticks with us is the joke he cracked about Adam and Eve. He said, “GOD, why did you make Eve so beautiful? God replied, so that you will love her. Adam then says, GOD, why did you make Eve’s skin so soft? God replied so that you would love her. Adam then asks, GOD why did you make Eve so stupid? God respond, so that she would love you…” .  LOL!

All jokes aside, the vows were a strong message about upholding your marriage, your friendship, your commitment to one another forever. Once you are married your best friend is your spouse. What a beautiful reminder to each and every one of the audience attending the ceremony.

The bride and groom were such a gorgeous couple. Seriously, look how cute they are! Happy, smiling, and now not only husband and wife, but best friends forever too.

Congratulations you two! We wish you nothing but a life long of good health and happiness together forever and ever!


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