Special visit

The past few days have been a busy blur of copious amounts of good food and buzzing all around Korea like we were tourist again. This time the only difference was, we had bumblebee and Kelsey along for the ride!

Yes, Kelsey, this young woman has more depth, kindness, loyalty, boldness, grace, honesty and wisdom than I ever knew could exist in a person! Oh! And she’s family to boot!! Cousin Kelsey, you my dear are nothing short of amazing and we are SO happy you chose to come visit us again before starting your new exciting adventure on the East coast! We cannot wait to watch you go on to do big things!



  1. Such awesome photos! Yeah for incredible family members! I feel privileged that we had an opportunity to meet Kelsey! What is her new adventure?

    1. Thank you, Mary! I’m so happy you had the opportunity to meet one another too! She’s just graduated and will be starting her new job and adult life in DC!! woot-woot!

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