I think it’s only human to long for simpler times, right?

You know, run the block until you literally cannot run anymore, swim until your lips are completely blue, teeth are chattering, and skin is all pruned, fill up on Swedish fish and peach rings before dinner knowing very well it may not end well for you.

Those were the days…

So where am I going with this blog post?

Well.. you see…I think that these complicated times call for simpler foods. I’m talking about the good old comforts of your childhood.

Yes! I don’t think I’ve had these little cheerful guys in about 5+ years.

I’m not completely sure how it happened.. all I remember is I was in the store, next thing what do you know, there is a can of SpaghettiOs in my basket! I couldn’t just shun them, and put them back on the shelf. At least they were the more adult choice, HA HA! (As adult as SpaghettiOs can be).



savoring every bite..

as if it were a dish of smoked duck.

Silly, right? I know! But what delight because…

Next thing I know, I’m at my grandparents’ house lying on the breezeway floor, watching my never-ending cartoons.

Sometimes your body knows exactly what you need.

Although, it may not be the most nutritious or best thing to eat, but in that very moment, it was exactly what my body needed.



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