Secret Garden

You know, spring really is magical.

Everything is finally cheerfully waking up from their long winter hibernation. Even on my grayest of days, I still find myself feeling happy inside when admiring the beauty that surrounds me. It takes my mind off the reality of adulthood and the complexity of pressures and stress, much like a self fulfilled mini-vacation since I haven’t done much traveling as of late.

This past week every day on the way to work I continued to admire from afar this one magnificent tree that pokes out from behind an abandoned restaurant very close to our complex. Each morning I would think I need to see this tree up close. It was practically begging to be photographed. Today was Friday so after work with no time schedule or plans I finally walked over to admire it up close and of course snap some photos to share with the rest of you. I cannot help but to feel like Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden.



  1. Beautiful!! Spring is just now peeking around the corner here in New Hampshire. No buds in sight and certainly no gorgeous pinks and greens like you have! Soon we’ll be headed across the country to the opposite corner. It will be interesting to see all of the season changes in each state as we go. Hopefully my husband will be patient enough to stop so I can snap some photos! 😉

    1. That will be very interesting to see what the other side of the US is offering. I am sure your husband won’t mind 😉 Enjoy and take lots of photos to share! I skyped this morning with my Grandparents in PA they said the same thing.. barely any greens or buds at this point. I think the winter months just hung in there much to long.

  2. There’s a magical sort of beauty in that garden and as I’m looking out at our current snowstorm I’m incredibly jealous of all those spring colors!

  3. Having grown up in the southern US, where the plants are hardy and almost none of the trees bloom, spring in the north always makes me feel like Mary Lennox or Anne of Green Gables 🙂 All those pinks and oranges are just lovely.

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