Presidents Day Weekend

This weekend we were invited to grab a bite to eat in New City with some of our friends.

Of course we forgot the camera….sorry! However we were able to snap a few pictures with the good ole iPhone.

Our friends took us to a restaurant we haven’t tried out yet. We were pretty excited!

Sorry we also do not know the proper name for the restaurant…maybe some help from our Korean friends? 😉 the location is in very close proximity to the jihaeng station in new city. Look for the 7 gram coffee shop and directly across from it you will see the place.


(Inside. Floor and table dining available).


(oops…forgot to get a shot of the start to the meal. We will leave you with the dinner aftermath).


The night was still young, we went for drinks. Especially when our friends found out that we still haven’t tried Soju. Yes! You read that correctly!


Where does one go for some drinks? Miller Time, of course! Haha! Also a first for the Bees!


The bar was actually alot of fun! Great atmosphere. We REALLY enjoyed the cherry Soju. Lordy, that drink is seriously dangerous! You’ve got to try it out!


The bar features a nice selection of your typical bar foods.


Bonus….Engrish spotted!


You know Mr. B had a fint or two… 😉


The bar keeps you munching on popcorn as you order drinks. They even brought out a free plate of tasty French fries. Score!



So now I’m sure you are intrigued by the fortunes, right? Well, the bar serves you fortune cookies with your first round of drinks. You match the pictures on the back of your fortune with the ones they have posted on the board. Free drink!!

Well, our group didn’t have a match.


We did get to watch a group of Korean girls get completely annihilated celebrating a birthday. Fun times!! No, really! It was comical!!


THANKS GUYS!! Until next time 🙂 🙂


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