Petra Palace

After a very eventful trip to Seoul today, with my friend Mrs. P and precious baby G, I’m home. Yes, what originally was planned as a fun-filled get out and explore Seoul trip took a slight chaotic turn for the worse. Without getting into all the crazy details lets just say that an unplanned trip to Samsung Hospital unfortunately took up most of our Seoul fun. No worries friends and family, I am doing just fine now.

I can’t write off the entire day, we did find a great place to grab a falafel on flat bread.

Originally we attempted to check out a little French bistro, however after further review of the late lunch menu, we needed a little bit more than snails and a cheese dish to fill us up. We walked up and down the main street in Iteawon. Now, if you ever get to visit this section, you will see there are endless options to eat at. We were just being difficult and could not commit on a place. Searching, searching, searching, walking, walking, walking. . . Finally, we stumbled upon Petra Palace. Frankly the smell is what drew us in. The outside was nothing extravagant. We figured why not!

WOW! What an amazing little gem we found! Petra Palace is a rather small restaurant that serves simple Arabic cuisine. Dishes include falafel, humus, and shawarma. Mrs. P and I each ordered falafel’s on flat bread. The wraps were accompanied with a side of french-fries sprinkled with a delightful spice from Jordan. Final verdict, loved every bite and cannot wait to go back and try more!

Until the next adventure!


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