Our Korean Front Door

We have been answering many questions from friends, family, and my one best friends grade school class. One thing that continues to come up is the interest in our apartment. People are very intrigued to know what the place looks like and what unique features the apartment has in comparison to those located in the states.

We decided to showcase our front door. I know what you are thinking “WOW” a door! Well, we were pretty impressed with the technology behind these doors! One, no more having to carry around a million and one keys, you can carry a simple lightweight key fob. Two, if you completely forget your key fob inside and the door shuts behind you… no need to fret… you simply enter in your personal code to get back in!

At the end of the short clip you see that we show the little camera that is off to the right hand side of the door. This camera is used for if you have a visitor or take out delivery person “ring your doorbell”. They press the button the camera comes on and we can view from inside the apartment who it is before even going to the door. If we know who it is and we just want to let them right in we also have the option of just pressing a button and it unlocks the door without making you have to go over to the door and open it for them.

Again, what a NEAT concept!


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