Ho Lee Cow!

No.. wait.. it’s Ho Lee Chow (홀리 챠우)! he-he-he I know…I know…I am sooo cheesy but I know you all love it. Anywho, Ho Lee Chow is a restaurant located in Itaewon and I got to grab a quick bite to eat with my co-worker while I was in the area for work.


Ho Lee Chow serves up Chinese-American dishes. These dishes range from sweet and sour pork, General Tso chicken, vegetable fried rice, Szechaun beef, to fried noodles, and lemon chicken. Really, there is just about something for everyone because of the plethora of menu choices. The food at Ho Lee Chow really takes me back to memories of ordering chinese in our hometown of Pennsylvania. Isn’t it funny how the little simple things in life tend to do that sometimes?


Check this out! How helpful is this? I Found the below listing on a Korean message board for people to share information. It’s almost the entire menu! Enjoy!


Ho Lee’s Super Spring Rolls

Ho Lee’s Wings — Original, Spicy, or Honey Garlic
small 5,500 / large 9,900
Ho Lee’s Super Spring Rolls (pork, shrimp, veggies) 5,900
Shrimp Spring Rolls 4,900
Vegetable Spring Rolls 3,900
Ho Lee’s Super Platter (beef and veggies in special sauce) 12,900

All soups are 3,500 for a bowl or 9,500 for a ‘regular’ size.

Sweet Corn Soup with Crab

Hot & Sour Soup (pork, tofu, mushrooms, hot pepper sauce)
Sweet Corn Soup (choice of chicken or crab)
Wonton Soup (has chicken)
Mushroom Egg Drop Soup (made with chicken broth)

Ho Lee’s Mongolian Beef 13,900
Beef and Broccoli 14,500
Beef in Oyster Sauce 13,500
Pepper Beef 13,500
Beef with Mixed Vegetables 13,500
Ho Lee’s Szechuan Beef 13,500
Kung Pao Beef 13,900


Sweet and Sour Chicken

Ho Lee’s Orange Chicken 12,900
General Tsos Chicken 12,500
Lemon Chicken 12,900
Kung Pao Chicken 12,900
Ginger Chicken 11,900
Sweet and Sour Chicken 11,500
Ho Lee’s Szechuan Chicken 11,000

Ho Lee’s Spicy Pork Lein 12,500
Sweet and Sour Pork 11,500
Ho Lee’s Favorite Pork 11,900
Pork Ma Po Tofu 12,500
Hot Plates

Ho Lee’s Sizzling Eggplant (choice of chicken or pork) 14,900
Beef Sizzler 14,900
Chicken Sizzler 13,900
Beef Tenderloin 14,900
Shrimp Sizzler 16,900

Ho Lee’s Szechuan Special 15,900
Garlic Shrimp 16,900
Kung Pao Shrimp 16,900
Spicy Squid 12,900
Spicy Shrimp 16,900

Chinese Greens in Oyster Sauce 9,900
Chinese Greeens in Garlic Sauce 9,900
Spicy Fried Bean Curd 10,500
Spicy Eggplant 10,900
Vegetable Ma Po Tofu 9,900

Ho Lee’s House Special Chow Mein (beef, chicken, shrimp, octopus, veggies) 13,900
Choice of “Special Sauce” or black bean sauce
Ho Lee’s Ho Fun (beef) 13,500
Choice of soya sauce or black bean sauce
Shanghai Style Noodles (vegetarian) 12,900
Chow Mein
Choice of beef (12,900), chicken (11,900), or vegetable (10,900)

All are made with egg.


Vegetable Fried Rice

Ho Lee’s House Special Fried Rice (chicken, octopus, mushroom) 11,900
Szechuan Fried Rice (shrimp, octopus, peanuts, 짜사이, hot peppers) 10,900
Shrimp Fried Rice 11,500
Beef Fried Rice 10,900
Chicken Fried Rice 10,500
Vegetable Fried Rice 9,900
Steamed Rice 1,000


Lichee in Coconut Milk

Pecan Pie 5,500
Blueberry Cheesecake 5,900
Lichee in Coconut Milk 4,900
New York Style Cheesecake 5,900

Refills free on all sodas, coffee, and tea.

The restaurant also has a few set-menu items so you and some friends can all share and enjoy together.

Final verdict…It did the trick! I successfully filled my chinese-american void. Until we meet again Ho Lee Chow, until we meet again.

Directions: Ho Lee Chow is located in various locations around Korea. I have included the address to the Itaewon location because that is the only one I have had a chance to visit.

Itaewon: Exit Itaewon Station through exit 1, go into the Hamilton Hotel and head up to the second floor. FYI: Being located inside of the hotel, this location adds a 10% value-added tax to the bill.
서울시 용산구 이태원동 112-25 Hamilton Hotel 2F
Telephone: 02) 793 0802


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