Hafa Adai!

(Pronounced HALF A DAY) is “Hello” in Chamorro! 

Tonight I felt a teeny tiny bit guilty when watching the news and weather forecast from Guam. 21,000 flights cancelled due to the freezing temperature and snowy conditions stateside. NY, Chi-Town…Brrr….even S.Korea under old man winter’s wrath this year. Geesh! It hasn’t even come close to dipping below 80 here all week.

HA-HA-HA…Can’t rub it in too much longer…we know our days are numbered (jokes soon on us).

For now know that we are sending you freshly picked limes, local gin and tonic and a gorgeous sunset your way!



  1. Don’t feel guilty, but I am jealous! So glad you got away someplace wonderful and sunny. : )

    And why were the limes orange in the middle?

    1. I owe you an email back! I’m playing catch up and will respond this weekend. The limes are a cross between a lime, orange, and lemon. Perfect for a mixed drink or flavor in water.

    1. Thank you! We kept saying that we should do Guam for Christmas with all of you 😉 We know you’d love it! First we just have to get you guys over to Korea! Mauh!

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