Foodie Pen Pal November

It’s that time again! The end of the month, time to share my Foodie pen pal with you all. For the month of November, my foodie pen pal is Kati from New Jersey. Feel free to check out her blog here .

Kati is an incredibly sweet girl who unfortunately just went through the terrible hurricane Sandy that left the North East coast devastated. Still, with everything going on, Kati still managed to send me out a wonderful package of goodies. See, told you, this girl is super sweet!

So what was in the package? Trader Joe goodies like dried mango strips and wild blueberries! Mmmm! Pumpkin pancake waffle mix, miso soup and Korean candies that she picked up in Korea town in New York City. Kati also sent me a menu of a good Korean restaurant located in Manhattan that she highly recommended for when we visit stateside and get homesick 😉

Kati included a letter telling me that I got her venture out into a part of the city she never had the chance to get to. Korea town! Jess super excited to hear this! It’s awesome to feel like you inspired someone to step out and explore, get out of their daily routine, bust that comfort bubble! Go Kati!

Kati, Thank you for yet another awesome experience and thoughtful package!

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