Foodie Pen Pal February

It’s that time of the month again, the day that I get to share with you all my February Foodie Pen Pal experience. I was linked up with Sonya and her family in Oklahoma. I threw together a fun box knowing that this box was not only going to be received by just one person, but an entire family. From a few messages back and forth, I know that Sonya and her family were from a small town with limited cultural experience. She stated that she had some teenage daughters that were certainly eager to check out whatever I was sending their way.

I knew I wanted to include some Korean staples like fun candies, typical Korean snacks, rice seasonings, a Korean/expat magazine, a handwritten postcard from Seoul, and some beauty samples. Basically I wanted to box up the Korean culture and rock their small town that day.

I shipped the box out by the cutoff date of the 15th (I cannot believe I forgot to snap a picture to include for the blog, oops sorry!). A few days later I received the sweetest thoughtful message back, Sonya and her family had received their February foodie box.

“We got our box yesterday and had so much fun opening it up and sampling the goodies!  The girls got a real kick out the “Beatles” until we realized they are just like Skittles…we were almost afraid that they were candy coated beatles…:)  We’re not sure what everything is really called or what everything really is, but we’ve decided that the little round sweets taste like little cake donuts and the “Sweet Remembrancers” tasted like animal crackers.  🙂  I’m making plans on making up some rice this weekend to try the rice seasonings (wish I had some of the korean white rice now!)  One of my 15 year olds is a Ramen noodle queen and the “black” noodle package looks to be a korean ramen noodle, so she’s psyched to give that a try!  Oh and we LOVED the chocolate almond sticks as well!  Thank you so much…the whole box was perfect!  And sooo fun.  I’m going to give the face mask a try and the only thing I could not figure out was the rose bottles….I’m not sure what each was…:) 
The girls really enjoyed going through the box and getting to see the Korean writing and looking at the magazine.  Living in a small town in Oklahoma (population 2200) with one stoplight…it’s not very often they see anything from outside of the state, let alone outside of this country or hemisphere…:) ”   – Sonya
Mr. B and I both agreed, this experience had to be one of the BEST since starting our Foodie Pen Pal experience. We loved that this time our box went to a family that would be experiencing something well out of their norm.
So, I know you are waiting for me to unveil what we received from our February foodie pen pal. We were linked with Barb from Delaware. Exchanged a few messages back and forth talking about family, how we ended up in Korea, etc. Barb must have taken the time to read up on our blog post because her box was perfectly put together for these two Bees!


Two pink snowballs, a breakfast granola box, a box of chai honey vanilla tea, truffle chocolates,

chocolate peanut butter fiber one bars, two pure drink mixes, and two pumpkin K-cups.

In Barb’s handwritten note she said that this box was to give us energy. Oh, Barb, we certainly need it these days!

Barb also wrote that she really wanted to include something pumpkiny for me because she knew how much I enjoyed that flavor. Hence the K-cups. Well, I hate to cut you all short, but I must bid you all adieu. Off to purchase a Keurig to drink these wonderfully thoughtful K-cups!




  1. What a great package! Lindt truffles are my absolute favorite…the crunchy chocolate shell and the creamy chocolate interior. Yum!!

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