Falalalala FINALLY

Let’s play catch up. I’ve been working on this blog post for hmmmmmm weeks now….

I cannot entirely say that my delay in posting is bumblebee…. it’s a mixture of motivation, somethings internally, a teeny bit of bumblebee, oh and my lack of understanding our switchover to Lightroom (STILL) the program we use to edit/import all of our photos. (I may have had a teeny meltdown and shunned it and the blog).

So once our turkey day fatigue lifted, we became focused on the Christmas holiday ahead. This year we decked out our home with three festive trees, well four if you count the little Charlie Brown one I set up in the guest bathroom.

^ THIS is our everything. Bumblebee is growing up so quickly and I find myself struggling with a mix of wishing for time to slow down and yet also speed up to eagerly looking forward to various exciting milestones ahead. In the blink of an eye she will turn O N E… less than a month!! I’ve been over here boo-hooing and all emotional lately over little things. She is love of our lives, YES even during the difficult and sometimes often crazy moments, i’m still incredibly grateful. Because of her, everyday we’re learning more patients, understanding, love and more appreciation of time. You are SO GOOD GOD!!

Christmas morning I woke up to Mr. B whipping up the family tradition of homemade creamed chipped beef breakfast served over homemade toast and fresh coffee. Mmmmm! Something I’ve grown so accustomed to looking forward to each and every year. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it to me. Thank you Mr. B.

Bumblebee was a professional and dove right into her packages with little to no prompting. I had a sneaking suspicion after a few of her sneaky little crawls towards the packages the prior weeks, not to mention the two-time we caught her with wrapping paper torn off in her little hands and dare we share….her mouth. Hehehe!

On the evening of Christmas Day, we invited a friend over that doesn’t have any family in country. It’s such a blessing to be able to share our family, our love and our home cooked meals with someone, especially during the holidays.

We rung in the New Year very casually with our neighbors. Surf and turf, games and adult beverages. It was a very different New Year celebration for us, but a very good one indeed. There wasn’t a lot of discussion about resolutions amongst us all, but for me personally I decided that I wanted to cook, bake and incorporate more vegetables into our family meals. So you will have to stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook to see what crazy concoctions we dish out in our little Korean kitchen.

Oh 2017…. please pleaseeeee be good to us all!


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