Cold Snap

It’s too cold! These words are all to familiar here in South Korea as of late. It’s basically replaced the common greeting of a simple “hello” or “hi” to your neighbors or acquaintances. We are experiencing quite the cold snap again, so much so that it literally burns my little ear lobes if I’m outside, and they are exposed to long. That little taste of almost Spring like temperatures the last week seem like such distant memories now. How’s the weather where you are?

Luckily we’ve got heated floors to warm our chilled bones up when we are out at a restaurant or even while snuggled up at home. Speaking of restaurants, Mr. B and I enjoyed a really nice dinner Thursday night this past week with some good friends. We ate huge bowls of Bibimbop, and sipped on Hobakjuk, a delicious Korean Pumpkin Porridge. Mmmmm the Hobakjuk was so velvety smooth! I believe I’ll attempt to make it rather soon (perfect cold weather comfort food). Stay tuned…


  1. Hello Sarah, It is soo cold here too. We are having seasaonalbe weather right now. I dread going out at all I would like to hibernate in the basement next to the wood stove for the next week or two. It is suposed to warm up a little next week. Quinton has started track practice in this cold weather, running outside. He has all the gear for warmth and can’t wait until the season begins. Hope all is well we miss you guys!! Glad Bean is better as well…Love ya Carol

    1. Hibernating during these cold snaps sounds so comforting right now! Poor Quinton! Even with the warm gear it would make my teeth chatter! Eek! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving us a message. We miss you and dad dearly too! Beans back to her little princess self, thank goodness. Love you guys too!

  2. Where is this gorgeous place? The banchans look amazing and I love bibimbap! I would love to visit if it’s in Seoul? Always looking for a good Korean restaurant with loads of good banchans!!! 🙂

    1. HI Natalie! Don’t they look absolutely delicious? They are!! Everything is very fresh too! The location is North of Seoul right on the Yanju and Uijeonbu city lines. If you ever get up this way, let me know! We can certainly go together! Take care and thank you for the comment 🙂

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