Cluck-Cluck We Spotted the Chicken Rotisserie Truck!

Just another reason we love Korea…


We have rotisserie chicken trucks on the side of the street!

We love passing this truck on our many night walks after work. We often said in the past we were going to stop and pick one up but always forgot or just ate dinner and were way to full to think about food at that point.

However, tonight we did it! Yes! We bought a chicken from the rotisserie truck!

We have to tell you the smell the chicken puts out is just torturously amazingggg and it’s only 7000 won for the whole chicken! They stuff them with a bit of Korean rice and garlic. Plus for free he throws in a nice little pack of water kimchi too.

So, now you are most likely asking yourself, what did we bees make with our chicken?…glad you asked! Actually keeping up with our healthy meal choices we opted for…

Chicken, neutari mushrooms (느타리버섯) and Wild Rice Soup!

Here’s the recipe we modified and threw together tonight.

1 tbsp butter
1 small onion
1 tbsp flour
8 cups (64 oz) fat free low sodium chicken broth
1 cups water
2 large korean chopped carrots (you can use any carrot)
3 garlic cloves
2 celery stalks
1 small cooked chicken
1 4.5 box of Long Grain & Wild Rice mix
1/2 cup Korean white rice
4 oz. neutari mushrooms sliced (you can use shiitake or button mushrooms)
salt and fresh pepper
**(optional) 2 tbsp light sour cream

First, Melt the butter in a large stock pot on medium heat, throw in the onions, sauté until soft but not browned. Next add in the flour and sauté about a minute.

Pour in the chicken broth and water. Throw in the carrots, garlic, celery, and cooked chicken. Cover stock pot and let simmer about 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, add in the box of wild rice mix along with it’s seasoning and white rice too. Throw in your mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste and continue to let simmer on low, covered another 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.

** Optional: add in sour cream and more water if too thick, add to taste salt and pepper and serve!

(Remember the long soup sits with rice it will thicken up)

Hope you enjoy as much as we did tonight 🙂 If you are in Korea, get adventurous and try it out! We know you are going to love it!

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