Cheers! It’s National Wine Day!

There are a few holidays and days to observe in the month of February…

There is Valentine’s Day, where we celebrates love, romance and your significant other. AWE! Yes, how cute! However, not the day we are referring to.

Then there is President Day. No, we are not talking killer sales ladies. Presidents’ Day is intended to honor all the American presidents, but most significantly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. No, no, no..we are not talking about Presidents Day either.

That’s right folks, we are talking about February 18th. February 18th is National drink wine day. Yes, you read that correctly. This day marks the celebration of a beverage we have been enjoying for thousands of years!

Whether you prefer the red, white, dry or the sparkling variety, today is dedicated to all things, everything wine. It’s National Drink Wine Day! Hooray!

We Bees celebrated with a cheap bottle of sweet red wine from the Barefoot label and stir fry. Yum-o!!!



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