Things change.
People change.
Friends change, and minds change too.
The wonderful thing about living your own life is that you’re the one calling the shots. Yes, you are the boss of you, Inc.
You can embrace the change, go with it, or fight it.
Like it or not, it’s inevitable, it’s going to happen.
June had been a month full of many changes here in Korea.
People are coming, people are going.
The weather is changing from beautiful, warm, absolute perfect sun-shiny summer June days, to wet, sticky, humid, monsoon torrential downpour July.
Here’s to the continuous learning of how to embrace change.






From top to bottom: New and old neighbor’s moving, the first rainfall in weeks on my walk home tonight from our work dinner (forecasted to turn all monsoon on us), and the best kind of change…a brand new Starbucks opened this week right in our own backyard….can we say dangerous!?

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