Today, while most of Korea was still sleeping (including Mr. B), I snuck out into our apartment complex and snapped a few photos of the cherry blossom trees before the rain forecasted for today and all of tomorrow set in.

2012_04_21 Cherry Blossoms at home


Yes, I graced the world with my bare shins for the first time in at least six months.
While snapping I realized that my legs were as white as some of the blossoms I was capturing.
But, I didn’t care. (Don’t worry no scary photos included!)

Honestly, I am not sure what my obsession with these trees are. I know I drive Mr. B crazy when we are walking under them and my head and eyes are pointed straight up to the sky with my feet barely shuffling. I’m mesmerized by the beauty of the blossoms. When the wind blows, the delicate flowers fall from their branches, covering the earth like a blanket of pink snow. It is such a magical experience that I look forward to each Spring.

(Hmmm…another lost in translation shot?)
I made it in just enough time, as I was wrapping up I felt tiny spritzes of rain starting to fall from the sky.
Happy Weekend & of course Happy Spring!


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