1. Thank you Charlotte! We are loving the experience and we are so lucky that we can share it with all of you in the meantime!

  1. Hello guys! I am loving reading your blog. My boyfriend, dog and I are looking into teaching in South Korea for a year… how was it shipping your cat?? Did your recruiting company assist in the cost of transporting Bean? I have never flown with an animal before.

    xx Happy Travels

    1. Thank you very much Abby! We love that we are of some help with your decision to take the trip to South Korea. We actually do not teach so we are not too sure how the cost would work out on that end. I think the best thing to do is when contacting these recruiters have your list of questions ready so that you can hit each point that would like an answer on.

      If you do have a say so in your flight, choose KOREAN AIR!!! We loveddd it! They treated not only us well, but Bean too! As you can see she is like our child so that was really important to us.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments on our blog or facebook page!

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