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Summer = BBQ!

The warmer months always make me long for my back porch and grilling. As far back as I can remember my family always grilled. When we bought our first home, one of our first wedding gifts was a beautiful grill. It was a social thing, a neighborly thing, a lunch or dinner thing, a party thing, and just a summer thing we did, well….just because!

Korea really lets us put our grilling skills to the test. Just about any restaurant you eat at that serves meat, you will grill your own meal. Not only are we in control of our meats fate, but I guess our own fate too. Ha ha! We love the tables cut out with circular or square grills! We often joke and say when we go back to the states we need to take one with us. What a concept! To many lawsuits waiting to happen to try out in stateside restaurants I guess?

All the talk of BBQ makes me hungry! Tonight I decided on a not so typical BBQ meal. I also decided to give those little grills a night off. You are going to flip when you hear what I made!

BBQ chickpea wraps! Remember, don’t knock it until you try it! Besides the spicy awesomeness of this little wrap, and it being pretty darn healthy for you, and you won’t even miss that ol’ meat for once.

Happy “grilling” or should I say crock-potting! (Wink-wink)

BBQ Chickpea Wraps

Recipe slightly adapted from Olives for dinner


(Place below following in crockpot on low heat for 3 1/2 hours, then increase to high heat for 30 more minutes).
1 (15.5oz) can of rinsed chickpeas
1/4 Cup Sriracha hot sauce (love this stuff!)
1 TB Heart smart butter
1 Small-medium chopped red onion
1 TB Sesame oil
1 TB Minced garlic
1/2 Cup vegetable broth

Optional Toppings once chickpeas are done:

1 Ripe avocado
1 Small-medium sliced tomato
Sour cream
Handful of fresh baby spinach
Shredded pepper jack cheese


When ready to serve, warm tortilla, I have a gas stove I find it best to place the tortilla directly on the metal grate right above the lowest setting of flame. Use tongs to flip over every once in a while. Be careful not to let the tortilla on to long, causing it to burn.

Fill up tortilla with your optional toppings and chickpeas. Enjoy!



The weather hasn’t fully submitted yet here in Korea. As the Spring weather typically seems to do every year, it’s quite capricious, here we all feel the seasonal pangs of change. I see glimpses of the promising summer seasonal bliss while riding my bike, even if I have to still wear a heavy jacket.

At last, life is full of sweet promise, as only it can be in Spring.


Labor Day Weekend

We survived the typhoon. I apologize for not updating and posting that in a more timely manner. Most of the storm took it’s toll on the southern portion of the peninsula. Thankfully it wasn’t nearly as bad as they had predicted it to be. Unfortunately there were some casualties, our hearts and prayers go out to their families.

I can’t believe I’m saying this already, Friday was the “unofficial” last day of the summer. Labor Day marks we Americans last chance to extend everything we love about the summer months, i.e. wearing white pants, throwing Backyard BBQ’s, doing yard work, watching fireworks, getting in the last beach trips of the season, and the best for last, just our patriotic excuse to get together with family and friends.

Labor Day is quite different in Korea… For starters it’s a US holiday and is not recognized in the Korean culture. The typical patriotic feel from past years being at home isn’t quite there as well.

That’s okay! We took full advantage of the downtime and extended weekend. We quickly realized that it’s you who creates the mood and feel for each holiday or celebration. Near, far, wherever you are. Hope you were able to make the most of it too!

We drove to the East Coast. It seriously looked like Seattle, don’t you agree?

Mr.B enjoyed multiple days of scuba diving.

I tagged along too, read the entire book my best friend sent me in my birthday package. (Thanks again B)

Dug my toes into the sand.

Played with this cute little guy on the beach, well..until it bit me…Eek!

Watched the surfers in the waves, secretly wanting to join…maybe ill work the nerve up sometime in my life.

Ahhh… there is just something so relaxing about the beach!

Speaking of summer lasts… I enjoyed what I believe may be my last potbingsu…

on the beach…

in white short…

Just kidding, I had jean shorts on. Talk about almost enjoying the apoditimy of summer in one sitting. All that was missing was the hum of lawn mowers, the smells of freshly cut grass and burgers on the grill lofting in the air, and fireworks lighting up the sky. For the moment I was reminded of home.

We did grill out the first night at the beach. Our friend Alan is a master grill sergeant! He used a rustic Korean grill..I should have snapped pictures to share with you. When I say rustic I’m talking really, really, rustic. No complaints here, he grilled up really tasty chicken kabobs and we are still alive to tell the tale, HA-HA! I think you would have enjoyed it too, perhaps next time you can join us?

The second night we “grilled” I use the word in quotes because techincally  yes we did grill, however we did it at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Hey! It counts, right? We had a blast story telling and enjoying good food with our friends.

The weather was much cooler these past few days. There is a real sense of Fall in the air. The humidity is slowly moving out of the weather forecast too. You think the weather stopped these diehard divers? Nope. wet suits and smiles is all I witnessed getting on and off the dive boats each day.

Happy Labor Day!

Grab the map coordinates here .

Truly Wish the Summer Away

Happy Sunday!

It’s still raining on and off and the humidity is still a bit of a buzz kill,

But that’s not getting in the way of my last bit of summer Sundays.

Half of me is incredibly sad to see Summer go so quickly, but the other half is screaming bring on the Fall Season, NOW!

Ahh…imagine, no humidity, less crazy frizzy hair, cool nights without the fan or AC.

Even as I sit here with the fan pointed at me and my messy hair blowing all over the place, I just cannot bring myself to truly wish the summer away.

Just look at all the lush beautiful shades of green that summer brings to us here in Korea.

Today after church I met up with our good friends for lunch at the Yongsan Station. I had a wonderful time! I loved getting to catch up with them both and hear about their recent tropical diving vacation. They two of them looked so refreshed, calm, and cool. Vacations are such a wonderful treat for the mind, body, and soul. They seriously had the post vacation glow!

Unfortunately, Katya had to get scooting to grab the train to her class, so Luis and I decided on some desert…I’ll give you a hint.. starts with a -P- end’s with O-M-G my summer desert obsession.


Come on folks, is there really any other choice.

Nope.. not to me that is.

 Complements of  Cold Stone Creamery.

This was pre-potbingsu taking flight, right Luis? HA-HA! *Wink,Wink*

Uijeongbu Summer Haze

Friday night.

Took the train to meet Mr. B for dinner….however the Seoul traffic decided otherwise. We Bees never made it to dinner. It happens! I sat back, sipped on a refreshing Iced Chai tea w/ soy at Starbucks, continue reading the ever hilarious Bossy Pants book, and look out on the bright lights twinkling in the Uijeongbu summer haze.

How was your Friday night? Was it a pretty chilled evening for you too?


I think it’s only human to long for simpler times, right?

You know, run the block until you literally cannot run anymore, swim until your lips are completely blue, teeth are chattering, and skin is all pruned, fill up on Swedish fish and peach rings before dinner knowing very well it may not end well for you.

Those were the days…

So where am I going with this blog post?

Well.. you see…I think that these complicated times call for simpler foods. I’m talking about the good old comforts of your childhood.

Yes! I don’t think I’ve had these little cheerful guys in about 5+ years.

I’m not completely sure how it happened.. all I remember is I was in the store, next thing what do you know, there is a can of SpaghettiOs in my basket! I couldn’t just shun them, and put them back on the shelf. At least they were the more adult choice, HA HA! (As adult as SpaghettiOs can be).



savoring every bite..

as if it were a dish of smoked duck.

Silly, right? I know! But what delight because…

Next thing I know, I’m at my grandparents’ house lying on the breezeway floor, watching my never-ending cartoons.

Sometimes your body knows exactly what you need.

Although, it may not be the most nutritious or best thing to eat, but in that very moment, it was exactly what my body needed.


Scenes From Saturday







From top to bottom:
1. We giggled at the korenglish sign…all jokes aside, trash is serious business here!
2.*Refreshing* Very berry smoothie from our favorite charming back alley cafe in Songtan
3. What a stud, that man of mine.
4. Hmmm…well, I suppose this is true?
5. The most delightful peach bread pudding topped with vanilla ice-cream!
6. Miss Bean you are so silly! You just make us smile and laugh everyday 🙂

What Does Summer Taste Like?

Well, to me it taste like….
F r e s h W a t e r m e l o n
B l u e b e r r i e s
With the summer temperatures soaring into the upper 80’s and 90’s, I find myself craving chilled thirst quenching fruits. I am on my fourth watermelon of the summer. While some (cough, cough, Mr. B) claim it’s borderline obsession, I like to think of it as simply getting my fill of the summer fruits in while I can. Those long days, warm nights, fresh vegetables, fruits and summer, itself, will be a memory before you know it! *Sigh*

I guess it wouldn’t come as a shocker to know that I heard the Watermelon truck near our place this weekend, rushed out immediately and purchased another one. Obviously I wasn’t the only one needing a watermelon fix…

I was the first one to the truck. No sooner did I turn around from paying for my prized possession, people were darting across the street and pulling over out of traffic to grab one too.

Right away, I took it home and sliced it up. Naturally.

This weekend I got to Skype with my grandparents as well. It’s always so nice getting to talk to them. We always end up reminiscing about my childhood or theirs. Not to mention seeing someones face at the other end makes missing home a bit more easier.

Anyways, we talked about how fruit trucks were something normal from when they were growing up. They said it was normal to purchase your fresh fruits,vegetables, and sometimes fresh fish, from a truck that would stop by your home about once a week or so. My Grandma said that sometimes she thinks that times like those were more convenient than that of today. Fresh milk at your door every morning, eggs, etc. What an interesting perspective.

Strangely enough, South Korea has many of these options still available. The ladies that I work with get a weekly delivery of eggs, and a daily delivery of yogurt to their homes.

Also while talking with my grandparents we discussed various foods we both had been cooking lately. Cue the blueberries! When I was growing up, I can always remember the summer weekends during berry season at my Grandparents. I think because my Grandma would make a simple yet absolutely delightful instant vanilla pudding with fresh blueberries on top. Mmmm!

Well, you know me, clearly, I’m all about nostalgia these days so I knew I needed to make some for to cherish with Mr. B <3

Dig in!