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Korean Cake Part II

We had to share pictures of the blueberry chiffon cake from Paris Baguette! In South Korea we have a Paris Baguette on just about every street corner in just about every town. It is really hard to just pass by one of these bakeries without at least stopping in once and awhile and rewarding yourself.

2012_02_24 Korean Cakes Part 2

2012_02_24 Korean Cakes Part 2Feb 16, 2012Photos: 3

So perfect I almost don’t want to take a bite! Well, you know of course I did….. I couldn’t resist…I HAD TO! (no will power)

On the first bite I paused and just took in how super light, moist and fluffy, the cake was. Unlike most cakes I am used to in the states this cake was not overpowering nor sweet and had just the right amount of and light hint of blueberry flavor!

And I cannot forget to mention how the whipped cream frosting was delightful!

Ah, Paris Baguette, you did it again! You have officially won over this little girl with a sweets appetite’s heart <3