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Moody Weather

This weekend was damp, foggy and moody. You know the kind, absolutely perfect for snuggling in and watching movies while playing games.

We watched The Office (currently re-watching the seasons together), lit candles all the while beautiful golden-yellow and fire-red leaves gracefully drop outside as the fog rolled by our floor to ceiling length living room windows.

We drove around the countryside with friends looking at the fall color, it was breathtaking. The colors and the views, ah! It reminded us of fall in Pennsylvania, I get the sneaking suspicion that’s part of the reason why we love our little home in South Korea so much.

There is just something about admiring God’s wonderful work that makes my little heart sing.

We stopped off at a coffee shop, Cafe Terra, nestled high up on the mountainside. We ordered and sipped on caramel macchiatos, enjoyed sweet chocolaty honey bread (I had a bite…you know not a fan of chocolate) took turns oogling the sweetest baby ever and enjoyed one another’s stories and friendly conversations. Did I mention this cafe had three charming pups, some song birds, and a tepee just outback? Yep, it was definitely our jam.

Here’s hoping you had an equally moody November weekend.

^^What happens when you give Mr. B the camera….


Cafe Terra: 가평읍 (산유리 725-1), Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do #010-5419-8789

Happy Halloween!


I am finally back from my two week trip stateside with work and back to my dear blog again too. My trip was amazing and I would love to share it with you all so I will write a post about it a bit later.

First thing’s first! BOO! It’s Halloween! I live to celebrate holidays and look forward to and the traditions we continue to build with each new year. There is something just so magical about the fall season where pumpkin flavored everything and mythical creatures abound, which by the way are totally my style. (There may or may not be a 63oz coffee/latte pumpkin flavoring from Starbucks in the refrigerator right now). What? I’ve told you all..I get my sweet tooth from my grandfather and all the sweets in the world never ever truly satisfy it. Speaking of which, who held out that Target has awesomely fun coffee flavors like this little guy I snagged while stateside? Candy corn?! Yum!



One of the best parts about Halloween is opening your front door to cute kids in costumes. This is the third Halloween living abroad that I’ve had the opportunity to hand out candy in our small community to the other foreigners living here as well. What a treat! Check out my two dino buddies that really had down their scary rawr!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


공씨네주먹밥 Kong’s Riceball

I often find that little hole in the wall places are the best kind of places. They typically serve some of the most unusual and delicious little finds. Take our secret restaurant for instance. It’s so off the beaten path and it has some of the best food we’ve eaten since living in Korea. I guess that’s why we really can’t let the week go by without grabbing dinner there at a minimum once.

Last night I got a text from my girlfriend Mary asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch at a little hole in the wall near both of our homes, Kong’s Riceball. It’s been on my list of places to check out because every time we pass it on walks we chuckle to ourselves. Humorous name, right? Plus the slogan reads, “Get some FUN – Fast Unique Nutritious.” Obviously it was hook, line, and sinker.

I’m sure you can guess what Kong’s serves up…if you guessed rice balls, you are wrong. Just kidding, of course its riceballs silly!

You get a choice of filling like tuna, spicy grilled chicken, spicy anchovy, flying fish and cheese, marinated beef, roasted pork, crab meat and broccoli, salmon, spam and even kimchi. These little guys remind me of the Korean kimbap triangles that are sold in convenience stores here, only BETTER.

Kong’s forms a ball with the seasoned rice, sticks the filling in the center, and then roll it in roasted sea laver or seaweed. It’s really tasty, I promise! Plus, it’s really convenient and would be a great snack for when you are on the go. We got the flying fish row, the crab meat and broccoli, and pumpkin porridge. I completely forgot to post the cost! Super cheap! Mine was only 6,000W!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

718-1 Jihaeng-dong
Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Then for a little sweet treat pop on over to Cafe 7 Gram across the street, just like we may or may not have…


Fresh Tofu and Bean Paste

Without giving out to much of another good thing… we met some undisclosed friends at another undisclosed location near our home that served fresh homemade tofu and homemade bean paste. Forget the typical Christmas dreams of sugar plums dancing in our heads, we are now envision kimchi pots filled with fresh homemade tofu and bean paste. Mmmmm!

What I can disclose is that our bee bellies were both very pleased by the end of the meal. The location is fairly new and makes the homemade tofu and bean paste on location for ordering or to pickup and take home with you. The view was excellent! I could picture the backdrop with a fresh covering of snow in the winter months or the lush dark green trees in the spring and summer months.



From an outside perspective, what do you think about all the side dishes that accompany a traditional Korean meal? Are you thinking what I’m thinking…Dang, who is doing all those dishes? HA HA!

Scenes From My Birthday Week

My Birthday week involved:

All sorts of fun surprise gift packages in the mail,

pedicures with a dear friend,

Fab-o korean mushroom stew,

So many birthday message notifications on Facebook,

sushi with my love,

A new charm for my bracelet that I had been swooning after for months, (Thank you Beebs!)

Phone calls from my loved ones,

The infamous Snookie birthday card that talks,

the most fabulous work birthday celebration ever! TWO cakes, so naturally, yeah!

TONS of smiles and good laughs,

It was absolutely simple and perfect!

Thank you all again for all of the love and birthday wishes too.

AH! I am very blessed to have you all in my life.











Love, one very lucky little lady!


Café Grace

One of my favorite things as of late, has been arriving early on the train in Seoul and grabbing something warm to sip on before heading into Sunday morning worship.

Café Grace…



Off the beaten path… (Just my style!)

If you are ever in the Seoul Cathedral neighborhood, stop in and treat yourself to a yummy drink!








I tried with all my being to fight off today’s occurrence of Rebecca leaving. I’m sure by now you realize that it didn’t matter, it was inevitable, and I just had to accept the fact she has to continue on with her journey to Israel.

When I think of Rebecca and our friendship, I’m instantly reminded of The Anne of Green Gables characters, Diana and Anne and how they become bosom friends instantaneously.

I just adore Anne! Every time I watch Anne and Diana, I get teary eyed and think of my dear friend Rebecca.

Do you have a friend like that?

You know, that friend that when you met one another you instantly connected, like you were kindred spirits?

And no amount of time or time zones between you could make you any less closer?

Gah! That’s how it is with Rebecca and I.

This week, as stated previously, was just incredible! I’m so thankful I could share my current life with her in South Korea.

So what did we do on Rebecca’s last day? Great question!

We toured the countryside up North, all courtesy of Mr. B, sipped on tasty mango smoothies and milkshakes by the water reservoir, watched the boats and water skiers go by, and picked up a Korean pizza on the way home for dinner.

Happy weekend everybody!

2012_06_24 Rebecca Day Ten

2012_06_24 Rebecca Day TenJun 24, 2012Photos: 27

When in Palau…

Do as the Palauans, and that’s just what we did! While we stayed in Palau we tried out various local cuisines, you know, really immersed ourselves in the local culture. Here’s a list of suggestions if you ever find yourself with a rumble in your tummy in Palau.

Sea Passion Hotel (Breakfast): We realize that most Americans and foreigners might find the breakfast buffet quite strange. I say this, because the options range from things like rice, to fish sticks, to ham, pancakes, soup, to fresh fruit, cereal, waffles, tuna sandwiches, noodles, to made to order eggs. We have lived in Korea the past year or so and have grown very used to the non-breakfasts options when traveling in the wee morning hours. All and all it was perfect to us. We felt there’s no feeling of needing to over indulge in food before our boat rides to do tours, diving, or snorkeling.

Oh! Almost forgot! Make sure you order yourself a fresh fruit juice or shake to sip on while you take it easy by the hotel pool or private beach. We highly recommend the orange banana or pineapple shake.

Located on the main street in Koror
Phone: 680.488.0066

Sams Tours had a restaurant on location -Sam’s Bottom Time Bar & Grill: You can shower at Sam’s, super nice after a long dive or snorkel trip. We were told the sashimi is rather tasty.. The menu features hamburgers, burritos, ice cold Red Rooster, and outstanding iced tea!

Open 7 days a week from 7:30-21:00
Phone: 680.488.7267

Kramer’s: Located within a short walking distance from the Sea Passion hotel. The restaurant is wonderful for late night meals. It is a comfy waterfront place. The menu features typical entrees, but also allows for some tasty twists, like having your fish blackened (we highly recommend this). Our group really enjoyed the freshness of the restaurant. Our favorite dishes hands-down were the the Sashlmi Poke (palauan sashimi) and the blackened mahi mahi fish wish a side of garlic mashed potatoes

Meal price range: $3-$8/Lunch, $7-$15/Dinner.
Phone: 680.488.8448

The Drop-Off: Also conveniently located within a very short walk from the Sea Passion Hotel. We really enjoyed the outdoor marine view. Our favorite dishes hands-down were the Poke (palauan sashimi), and the freshly caught grilled bluefin tuna steaks. We can’t even describe in words just how amazing these dishes were. You simply have to take our word for it on this one folks!

Open 7 days a week!
Phone: 680.488.1755/2009

The Taj: MMMmm! (mouth watering while saying Taj). Located not to far from the Sea Passion hotel. A descent walk into town, or a nice short car ride, you decide. Incredible Indian cuisine. We loved the large outside deck eating area. The food, uhg the food! Where to start? Okay, appetizer, Fish Amritsari cubes of seasonal red snapper, batter fried. The Baingan Bharta Eggplant grilled over charcoal, mashed and cooked with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger and spices. A house specialty. The garlic, cheese, and stuffed nan, and Kulfi Indian ice cream enriched with nuts and flavored with rose water. All were all a huge hit in our books. Bonus! We were able to get picked up from the hotel and dropped off as well. Excellent service all around!

Located on the 2nd floor of the PDC building in downtown Koror.
Phone: 680.488.2227
Hours: Open 7 days a week. Lunch: 11:00-14:00 & Dinner: 17:00-22:00

Elilai: We’d have to vote that Elilai was the most elegant restaurant in Palau that we had visited. The cuisine is “Asian-Mediterranean fusion”. The view is breathtaking! Make sure to call ahead and get reservations with a view. the teeny tiny Japanese waitresses in their floral sarongs are amazingly sweet. The food is quite good, however, we found the prices to be a bit high for the food itself. Our group ordered the mangrove crab spaghetti, the seafood salad, tuna sashimi, and the Milky Way Course menu. Last but certainly not least, for dessert we ordered the homemade coconut ice cream, a must! We did have one in the group that ordered the lemon tart with Italian meringue, pretty delish too.

Located on the 1st floor of 1732 Belvedere East Ngerkebesang Island, Koror
Phone: 680.488.8866
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 11:00-23:00

Little Italy: I’m sure from the name you guessed the cuisine was Italian. Great job! Your guess was absolutely correct. On a long downtown hike one night we stumbled upon this quaint little place. We were instantly greeted by the fresh oregano and basil growing outside on the restaurants covered patio dining area. The waitstaff were very helpful and very kind too.

Our group opted for the eggplant appetizer, a caprese salad, the smoked sausage pasta dish, and a 4 cheese spinach pasta. Plus, when you order, they bring you a nice little basket of assorted breads. We all really enjoyed the crusty rosemary bread!

Guess what? The menu also features excellent desserts too! Tiramisu, Pana cotta, and Limoncello with a raspberry drizzle.

Smacks lips, shouts out È squisito! (delicious in Italian).

Located on the main street in Koror and right across the street from the Palasia hotel.
Phone: 680.488.6637

We realize now there may be some readers suffering from food envy. We apologize. Truly you just need to make a trip across the globe from wherever you are located and try it all out!


2012_05_05 Hongdae

2012_05_05 HongdaeMay 4, 2012Photos: 35

I woke up and road the subway for and hour and 30 minutes to a part of Seoul known as Hongdae. Hongdae is where Hongik University is located. Hongik is a private university and is best known for it’s Fine Arts programs. My hair dresser and some other friends suggested that I check the area out sometime because they said it was an area that reminded them a lot of me.

Not sure what an area would be like that was thought of to be like myself, of course I had to check this place out. I asked if a girlfriend of mine would like to join me, eagerly she said yes. We met outside at exit 9 of Line 2’s Hongik University station.


Almost immediately after reaching the top of the stairs from the exit you see that the area has plenty of clubs, restaurants, little shops, cafes, etc. The more you walk the more and more endless options of these places you will see. (Keep your eyes peeled for crazy restaurant and bar names, check out the pictures above…you will see exactly what I mean).

First we checked out the Free Market. No, this isn’t a lost in translation phrase. This free market is an open-air market where independent artist can sell their work. I made sure I did some research before hand so we knew the location and when the market opened.

It didn’t take long for the marketplace to fill up. The vendors stands ranged from jewelry items, hand crafted trinkets, paintings, and just about everything in between. I loved the vibe of this place. The people who recommended this place to me were absolutely correct. The creativity behind some of the items for sale was rather impressive.

There were a zillion things that I could have purchased. However, there was one thing that I couldn’t pass up for my soon to be baby niece. The cutest little cotton knit cap. I snapped a picture of it, I cannot wait to send it to my sister. The women that makes these knit caps allowed me to take a picture of the various types she offered. Get this, even an adult could purchase one of these caps. HEHEHE… What are the odds I could get Mr. B to wear a monkey cap? realistically, zero to none. Funny thought though.

After our Free Market experience we decided to grab a bite to eat. We stumbled upon a placed called Wistera cafe. The address is 405-8, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The outside looked pretty enticing… Sure, why not. The inside was very sleek and decorated with a few bold art pieces. I am assuming maybe a purchase from a local artist? There were three that stuck out that I really liked and would have taken home if I could.

At first I had made my mind up that I wanted a nice fresh salad. However my stomach decided on a brunch dish. There was a little salad and soup included, the food was just divine. The dish consisted of two nice sized fluffy pancakes, a side of strawberry jam, half of a sausage, broccoli cream soup, fruit slices, a small salad drizzled with almonds and balsamic dressing, a slice of pumpkin, sliced potato wedges, and mushrooms. Quite a nice little feast we enjoyed among ourselves.

After brunch we located the Ice Cream shop called Fell + Cole. Well…it wasn’t quite as easy as I stated. We walked around in circles a bit trying to locate the place. I read about Fell + Cole online and was instantly attracted because of all the unique organic flavors that were offered. Im talking flavors like honey lavender, burnt caramel with smoked sea salts, pina colada, orange creamsicle, strawberry red wine with szechuan pepper, jesus juice, and so many others.

After trying a few flavors Katya went for the burnt caramel with smoked sea salts, and I chose to go with some jesus juice. Very refreshing! Oh, and I almost forgot! I went there with a purpose and that was to donate some money to a vegan bake sale with proceeds going towards the International Justice Mission, to abolish human trafficking and sex slavery. I picked up some delicious almond butter cookies made by Mipa an awesome blogger located here in South Korea.

Check out Fell + Cole’s website: Also, do yourself a favor and swing in to try a crazy flavor that fits your fancy. I cannot wait to drag my best friend there when she comes to Korea for a visit!

Okay, back to the rest of the day. Well after we had our full bellies we were ready to tackle some shopping. The wonderful part about Hongdae is that there are tons of teeny boutiques with shoes, clothing, and various accessories. We must have walked into a million of these places. However, I didn’t find anything that I just had to have. I enjoyed checking out the stuff and getting ideas. Katya picked up a few little things for herself.

I really have to say that my girlfriend was such a trooper! Our feet walked for hours around the area. At times I think we crossed over our main paths. What a dear! Thank you again Katya!

After shopping we were both pretty tired, almost five and a half hours had went by while we were wondering all through Hongdae. We headed to the subway hugged and parted our ways for home.


Yikes…looks like we are not the only ones with the idea to head home at this time.

My feet have never been so thankful to be propped up on the ottoman as they are at this very moment.

Good night all!

A Rainy Spring Night

Is there anything better than…
enjoying a delectable chicken breast topped with mushrooms and onions cooked in sherry
sipping on a new white wine

on a rainy spring Saturday night

while watching Julie and Julia with the love of your life?
I think not.
Bon Appétit!