Monthly Archives: February 2014

Things Worth Sharing

Random bookmarks from the past weeks:

Great news Mr. B! “7 Reasons You Might Want to Go for Another Cup of Coffee

Test your knowledge…your results might scare you. Let’s be honest with one another, how did you match up? I’m not going to lie, the photos of various individuals, necessary really!?

70% of all lemon wedges have microbial growth according to a new study….WOW! Folks, where is the shock factor in this study? Water. (Says the girl quietly ordering future drink by saying, “Hold the lemon please.”)

Can’t wait to debut our recent grownup purchase soon! Hints it belongs in the kitchen. Lordy, you know you’ve crossed over to adulthood when your over the moon about something for your kitchen.

So, any good bookmarks to share lately? Come on…I know you’ve been liking and reading them on Facebook lately. Share!


Cheer Up Butternut

As you see, there hasn’t been much backpacking for this bee lately, that pesky groundhog seemed to be right again! The last few days we’ve had very tundra like conditions. Complete with icy roads and all. Spring is all the buzz lately at work. When’s it going to perk up? Brighten up? Be green again? It’s positively hard to stay positive during these cold gloomy winter days. They seem so long, so cold, and just so ….well….gray. The bright side is, we’re in that home stretch, right?

Tonight I baked a butternut squash and covered it with coconut oil and cinnamon. Whoa! It tasted very similar to French toast, but obviously much healthier. Try it out! Thank me later. Next time I might add some red pepper flakes or something to spice it up. What do you think?

Also with all the gloominess and the fact my mood had taken a serious nosedive today, I needed something on the quick no fuss side for dinner. A fun salad!

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this in public, but see the flaky stuff? Looks like tuna, right? Wrong. I ventured out and used salmon from a can. Guess what.. I loved it! Why didn’t anyone tell me it was this good? It’s not anywhere close to the ick factor I once thought would appear in that can. Good source of omega 3 too! However the two pieces of peanut butter fudge I devoured that my grandparents sent us most likely cancelled out that healthy meal. Oops.

Do you add anything crazy to your salads? I’m open to suggestions!


Monday Types

Are you a Monday type of person? Let me elaborate…you know the annoying type that has to start off your work week by asking all of your co-workers, “What did you get into this weekend?” I’ll admit, I was a Monday type of gal until recently when I started to realize how much pressure it seems to put on some people to come up with an awesomely awesome answer on the spot.

It’s like you can almost see the gears turning as they search for something to keep the other party interested. Like they want to blurt out, “We went rock climbing, kayaking, enjoyed a helicopter ride over Seoul tower, and then we enjoyed dinner at a super exclusive restaurant prepared personally by chef Edward Kwon.” Ha-Ha! Then they look at you like and what did you do this weekend?

For me…I just cannot play into this game. We do exciting things here and there. Otherwise, I’m perfectly content and actually look forward to my mundane weekends that consist of not traveling outside a five-mile radius to our home, relaxing with a hot cuppa tea and book, watching past sex and the city episodes with the hubs (don’t tell him I told ya)coffee dates, cooking together in our kitchen, even tackling the laundry monster.

Yep, for all you Monday types…there ya have it.